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Atomic Red is a maincrop variety. Crispy texture, and great colour when cooked too. The red roots give an additional interest to your dishes. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cooking too. Rich in Lycopine.

Dig deep where you want to grow your carrot and add plenty of organic material to the soil in the autumn and as much sand as you can afford; this will help the roots to grow long and straight.

Sow Carrot seeds from February to June 1 cm deep, leaving 30-35cm between the rows. You can also try to put some netting arround the carrot bed; this will stop the flies finding their way easily to the plants. Also if you have big containers you can try sowing carrots in them in a mix of ordinary compost and sand. Try at least 30% of sand, an sand will do the trick of loosening the compost, in this mixture the carrot roots will grow really nice and straight. And the carrot flies can't fly high up from the ground so again they will not find the carrot plant easily. Carrots have small seeds, so if you want you can mix them with some grit for easier handeling and sowing.

Sow the seeds in polytunnel or a greenhouse as early as February for early production; or you can sow the carrot seeds as late as mid June direct outside; and again in August under cover for baby carrot production.

Thin out when seedlings are 10-15cm long leaving 2-3cm between plants, depending on how large you want your root to be. Make sure you do the thinning job later in the evening to avoid attracting the carrot flies.

Keep watering in hot summer, water in the evening to avoid attracting carrot fly. Delicious raw when smaller in size, and the red root is great addition to any raw salad, might even encourage the kids to eat more veg.

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