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The very attractive plants have dark green folige and produce tear drop shaped, purple quite hot fruits. Beautiful purple stems and purple flowers.  Can be used fresh or can be dried and stored for longer, the plants bear masses of peppers. Ideal and very popular in patio in pots, containers or even on a sunny windowsill.

Purple Tiger chillies are a variety of hot chilli with dark green leaves and a purple, teardrop shaped purple fruit. The chilies themselves are quite hot and are a great addition to spicy meals. The chillies grow in masses on the plant, and are on beautiful purple stems, which bloom with purple flowers, producing the Purple Tiger chilies. These chillies can be used fresh for cooking, or can be dried, saved, and used later. They are ideal for patio and container gardening in pots, and are also suitable for a bright, sunny windowsill indoors. These Purple Tiger chillies prefer full sun, and a warm climate to grow.

 To begin growing your own Purple Tiger chilli plants, prepare a soil medium of potting soil that can be used in the cells of a seedling tray. Make sure that the soil that you are using to start your seeds is not too heavy. This is important because if the soil is too heavy, it will not drain properly, and cause your seeds to rot or can stunt the growth of your chilli plant. Use a universal potting soil mix for best results with a seedling tray. You can also use seedling pellets that expand when water is added and can be set into the cells of seedling trays. Once the soil is prepared, sow one chilli seed at a time into the individual cells to a depth of 1 cm.

 Once the chilli seeds have been planted into the cells, you may add water as needed to each cell or pot, and then cover them lightly to allow the medium to retain its heat and moisture. Keep the freshly sown chili seeds indoors at a temperature of 25°C. For best results, plant your chilli seeds between January and March, allowing the plants enough time to develop and mature, in turn, resulting in a better yield of Purple Tiger chillies. Germination of the chilli seeds can be slow, chilies need at least 25°C to germinate but if you have trouble try at a temerature of 30°C or even above.

Once the seeds have germinated, and the seedlings are large enough to handle, remove them from the cells or pots that you initially planted them in. They can now be transplanted. At this stage, it is important to place them in individual pots. Add rich compost to the pots to help give the chilli plants nutrients, and aid in plant growth. During this next stage of growing your Purple Tiger chillies, ensure that the individual chilli seedlings are in an environment that is 20-30°C. The chillies are best kept indoors, or grown in a greenhouse, because it is important to keep a constant, warm temperature for them.

 It is important to keep checking the chilli plants in their individual pots to ensure that they have enough water, because if they are left too dry, it can shock the plant and will effect to number of chilies you harvest. Also, if the chillies are over watered, or are left to stand in water, the yield will also be negatively affected. Fertilization is beneficial, and is recommended to ensure that your plants are getting enough nutrients.

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