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    I have been tidying up my potted blueberries.
    The ones that are doing well I have just cleaned up the compost surface, removing any weeds and topping up with fresh ericaceous compost. I have removed any dead or crossing branches and removed a couple of old non-productive ones. A feed now will give them a boost.
    One of the older bushes has not given much of a crop for a couple of years. I decided to tip it out of the pot. The roots looked fine, though not very vigourous. I removed much of the old compost, gave it a light trim and repotted in fresh ericaceous compost. I hope it will grow with renewed energy.
    I also potted on 2 small newer blueberry plants, these were bought for only a couple of pounds each from a supermarket. They have already grown and I am hoping they will grow well this season.
    As always when potting or feeding blueberries use products that are made for acid loving plants. If your water is hard, try to use rainwater.

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