Hamburg Parsley 2000 seeds
  • Hamburg Parsley 2000 seeds

Hamburg Parsley 2000 seeds


Hamburg parsley; looks like regular flat-leaf parsley when it's growing in the herb garden, and the tops are used for seasoning and garnishes, just like other herbs. Hamburg parsley has a large swollen root  that looks like a carrot or a parsnip and is delicious baked and added to soups, stews or other dishes. Hamburg parsley is as easy to grow as regular parsley. Mulch lightly and water when needed, and it should grow well. You can harvest some of the top growth to use as a flavouring after the plants are established and looking strong. About three months after seeding, the roots should be ready to harvest too.

Dig deep where you want your Hamburg parsley and add plenty of organic material to the soil in the autumn and as much sand as you can afford; this will help the roots to grow long and straight.

Sow the seeds thinly from early spring 1 cm deep, leaving 30-35cm between the rows.

Thin out when seedlings are 10-15cm tall, leaving 5-10cm between plants, depending on how large you want the root.

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