Organic - Wild Rocket 1000 seeds
  • Organic - Wild Rocket 1000 seeds

Wild Rocket 1000 seeds


Wild rocket seed has a strong peppery flavour. The deep cut leaves can be picked individually for a distinctive peppery-flavoured leaf. Can be treated as cut and come again crop. Very useful in mixed salads. Long, strap like, serrated leaves, light green in colour. Very easy to grow.If you are after a milder version of rocket we have the cultivted rocket seeds available to buy too in our online shop.

Sow wild rocket seeds thinly outdoors, about 1 cm deep, from March to September and thin plants to 5cm apart or 10cm for larger plants. Can be grown indoors too in pots or containers. Keep soil moist at all times for best flavoured rocket leaves and to prevent plants from bolting. Seeds can also be sown in pots on the windowsill for all the year round harvesting of fresh leaves.

Ready to eat in 35 days after germination. Wild Rocket is one of the easiest and fastest leaf vegetable to grow from seed. Nd the plants easily seed so once you establish a rocket patch in your veg garden you can enjoy fresh leaves for many years. And if you leave some of the plants to flower the nearby bee population will love the nectars from the small yellow flowers too.

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