Watermelon Sugar Baby 50 seeds
  • Watermelon Sugar Baby 50 seeds
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Watermelon Sugar Baby 30 seeds


Watermelon sugar baby has sweet, medium red flesh. The dark green skinned fruits weigh 3-5 kg.

Sow the Sugar Baby seeds at a temperature of 20-25 Celsius, in good seed compost into small pots, 2 seeds per pot, about 2 cm deep. Sow March-April. After the first true leaves developed plant the watermelon into bigger pots before planting out. 

Space the plants 150cm x 150cm apart.Greenhouse production is recommended. Can be grown under your tomato and cucumber plants or grow up on trellies, in wich case the fruits will need a net support to hold their weight.

Water regularly and feed with fertilizer, every 10-14 days. Tomato fertilizer is recommended. For more reliable crop try to leave only 2 fruits on one plant. Knock on the fruit and if it sounds hollow the fruits are ready to harvest.

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