Onion - Spring - Purplette 200 seeds

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Purplette is a great red skinned mini onion. Can be used very young as a spring onion or leave it a bit longer to form the small bulbs. A great slad onion. Very early to form the bulbs. Ideal for pickling.Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and also believed to lower blood pressure.

Sow the Purplette onion seeds from early spring outdoors in an open, sunny, well prepared bed.  2 cm deep and leave 30 cm between the rows.

Sow seeds in every two to three weeks (between March - July) for a continuous supply of fresh salad crop.

Thin out the seedlings when large enough to handle. First about 5 cm apart, later 10-15 cm apart. The thinnings can be used too in salads. Water in the summer during dry spells. Keep the onions weed free during the growing season.

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