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This variety, Chadwick produces large cherry sized fruits. The plants are vigorous, indeterminate type which means they will need support and pruning. These tomato seeds are suitable for outdoor or greenhouse growing, and they are produced organically. Very productive plants and the fruits have a good, tangy flavour.

Sow the Chadwick tomato seeds thinly into a seed tray or in small pots or cells, covered lightly, watered and placed at between 12-22 Celsius on a windowsill, heated greenhouse or propagator. The best temperature to germinate tomato seeds is around 20 Celsius, you can provide this temperature in your home (airing cupboard, windowsill above radiator).

Sowing tomato seeds is not recommended outside before all risk of frost has passed in your area, and make sure you sow the seeds under glass even if it is unheated. If you want to sow the tomato seeds outside for best results sow the tomatoes in late March early April under glass. The sun during the day will warm up the unheated greenhouse and the tomato seeds will germinate in about 10 days.  As soon as the tomato seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out.

Transplant them into individual small pots, later on they might need to be repotted if growing quickly and large. Make sure the leaves do not overlap. Temperatures during this stage should be 12-20 Celsius. Plant the tomato plants outside mid-May-June 80x60 cm, or keep in the greenhouse.

Support developing stems with twine as they grow. Various training systems are used with tomatoes, but for all it is desirable to have the top metre of growth vertical. Side-shoot removal must be carried out from the start, restricting the plant to one main stem. Lower leaves should be removed as they start yellowing, which aids fruit ripening and improves air movement.

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