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Astrantia Primadonna 30 seeds


Astrantia is a well know flower in the UK, beautiful small pink flowers on slender stems. Bushy, somewhat clamp forming plants. A wonderful cut flower. Ideal in front of a border as a taller, flowering  groundcover.

Very hard to germinate. Can be sown outside in well draining pots in late autumn and will germinate in the spring this way. Or sow indoors in the winter, keep inside for few weeks, then put the pots outside for few more weeks, then keep inside again. Germination is very slow, can be months. Once germinated keep the seedlings at around 15 Celsius. When large enough to handle plant into bigger pots then into their final positions.

Prefers a fertile, rich soil, but can be grown in almost every soil type. Cut back the spent flowers to encourage more flowers to grow.

out of stock