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Winter Squash Sweet Dumpling 15 seeds

Sweet Dumpling produces a large numer of small fruits. Excellent for stuffing and baking individually. Received the RHS Award of Garden Merit trophy in trials. Matures when really small, only about 10 cm across.

The small, slightly flattened and ribbed pale skinned fruits are great for...

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Winter Squash Uchiki Kuri 8 seeds

Each plant forms three to five small fruits of intense orange red with a golden flesh, averaging 1.5Kg. Very early maturing, with great storage characteristics.

The best sowing time is middle of May for outside sowing, a few weeks earlier for propagating. Soil temperature should be...

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Yellow Beetroot Boldor F1 200 seeds

Yellow Beetroot Seed packet at 99p. It is a great hybrid variety to add some colour to your salads and your veggie patch. The leaves are edible too, but these leaves are somewhat milder than other varieties' and can be used even when the plants are mature, just like spinach. The roots don't...

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Zinnia Dahlia Flowered Mix 50 seeds

Zinnia elegans - Dahlia flowered mix has semi double flowers on strong growing stems. The beautifully formed bright flowers are excellent for cutting.

Sow the zinna seeds in April in small pots about 0.5 cm deep in good quality seed compost. Alternatively sow flower seed directly...

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