Lathyrus belinensis Goldmine 18 seeds


Lathyrus belinensis was discovered recently in the mountains of southern Turkey. Beautiful orange and red, veined petals and bright yellow wings. Can be grown as a ground cover, trained up to reach about 3 feet in height or can be planted in container and hanging baskets too. This beauty is a must if you love sweet peas. A more delicate plant than the traditional sweet peas, with smaller leaves and smaller flowers. Strongly scented but the fragrance is different to the traditional sweet pea fragrance.

Sow in seed compost, January-April inside. To speed up germination you can soak the seeds overnight. Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle, harden off before planting out after the last frost. Pinch out the growing point in order to have stronger side shoots. Pick regularly to encourage more flowers. Prefers full sun. Requires support.

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