Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty 50 seeds
  • Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty 50 seeds

Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty 50 seeds


Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty grow very well outdoors in cooler summers. Sets fruit well in cold conditions. Produces masses of large cherry sized fruits which have good flavour. Do you want to pick the first tomatoes outside? Then this variety is for you. The seeds can be started off in the unheated greenhouse. A very good variety if you are a novice gardener and trying to grow tomatoes the first time.

Sow the Sub Arctic Plenty seeds 0,5-1 centimetre deep into a seed tray or in smaller pots or seed cells. Cover the seeds only lightly with fine, preferably sieved compost. Make sure you use a saucer to water the tomato seeds, so that the splashing water will not disturb them during germination. Keep the tomato seeds at a temperature of 20 - 30 Celsius, but this variety can be germinated in a little bit cooler conditions. So you can sow these tomatoes in a cold greenhouse in late April. If you have space inside it is still best to plant the seeds there. Sow most of the tomato seeds in March – April indoors as tomatoes do need that higher temperature to germinate. The best place is in an airing cupboard or on a warm windowsill.

When the seedlings have 2 pairs of true leaves prick them out gently and pot them on into individual 10 15 cm pots. Keep the tomato seedlings at the same room temperature during this stage. And when you have no room left inside harden the tomato plants off by putting them outside during the day and keeping them indoors at night.

Plant tomatoes out from mid-June till mid-July. Sub Arctic Plenty grows well in colder summers too so you can have tomatoes outside even if the summer is a bit colder or if you don’t have a greenhouse or polytunnel. Water the plants well in hot days, and feed them regularly with liquid fertilizer. Remove the sideshoots and the lower yellowing leaves, this will help air circulation around the fruits and help the fruits to ripen quicker.


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