Traditional and Unusual aubergine seeds

Buy our quality aubergine seeds today. Aubergines are a bit more challenging to grow from seeds than your average vegetable. Sow the seeds in a heated propagator at a temperature around 25 Celsius in early spring. And plant out the aubergine plug plants later in the season, from mid - June till mid - July. For the best results grow your aubergines in a greenhouse  or polytunnel or in a shelter sunny spot in your garden. If you are an avid vegetable gardener, check out all of our vegetable seeds on offer, we have many unusual varieties to try.

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Aubergine Black Beauty 200 seeds

Large, glossy, deep purple skinned oval fruit about 13cm long. Fruit holds quality and colour well after picking. Best to raise this heat loving vegetable from seeds in the greenhouse, especially in Britain, to make sure you raise strong, healthy seedlings. Aubergines are high in potassium,...
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Aubergine Clara F1 20 seeds

This unique variety produces small (about 15cm) white fruits. For highest pruduction keep the aubergine plants under cover in your greenhouse or polytunnel; ideally above 20 Celsius at all times. A very popular variety in asian cooking. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium and...
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Aubergine Long Purple 200 seeds

Long Purple Aubergine is one of the most commonly grown variety. Produces good quality, dark fruits. The calyx is green and can be very prickly. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium and a good source of Vitamins E and K and pro Vitamin A. If you grow peppers with success you...
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Aubergine Moneymaker F1 20 seeds

Moneymaker is an extra early aubergine, Glossy black not too long fruits and the calyx and the stems are attractive deep purple too. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium and a good source of Vitamins E and K. Grow the Moneymaker aubergine under protection, in a greenhouse or...
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Aubergine Pinstripe F1 10 seeds

Aubergine Pinstripe F1 is a beautifly coloured variety with mild, delicate flavour, almost creamy flesh. Free of bitterness, this stunning fruit grows to 10-15cm. Pinstripe is a spineless, compact auberfgine variety ideal for the patio to grow in containers and pots. The beautiful silvery...
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