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Our traditional and heirloom seeds that we, the experts, professionals and horticultural specialists have carefully selected, will enable you to have strong, healthy growing plants with high yields of delicious fruits, vegetable and herbs.

We spend time selecting only the finest quality plant products from around the world and we want to keep them at their very best, so they will be sent to you in a padded envelope arriving with you fresh and ready to sow immediately. However, we care about the environment and you, our customers, so we don’t go overboard on the packaging, meaning 1st Class Royal Mail Postage costs less than £2.

For just pennies you can purchase from our wide range of varieties, finding the traditional vegetables and flowers you normally sow, and you can try out something new or you can opt for the completely unusual. Whatever you are after, we have them all for you to buy, sow and grow.

Fruit and Vegetable Seeds

If you love growing tasty vegetables you will find something unusual or heirloom to sow in your garden or allotment. Our varieties have been carefully selected to offer you the best results in strong and healthy plants that will offer an excellent yield of delicious, tasty and sumptuous fruits and vegetables.

Tomato Seeds

We have a fantastic range of low priced tomatoes that you can buy today, from salad to cherry tomatoes, right through to Golden Sunrise and Alicante, Black Cherry and Marmande just to name a few.

Flower Seeds

We love flowers of all types, from tiny little petal beauties right through to flowers bigger that your head, from flowers that scent your whole garden to those that let off as a delicate smell as you brush past them.

Tomato Growing Guide

If you’re looking to grow tomatoes for the first time but you don’t know how to start then this is the ONLY growing guide you will ever need, showing you where you may have gone wrong before and giving you tips on how to get the best from your seed and plants.

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We have a wide range of heirloom, traditional and rare vegetable, herb and flower varieties for you to grow in your garden and allotment. Whether you are looking to grow tasty food for the table, or a colourful and scented garden we have the right variety for you to sow.

You can find a wide range of useful gardening articles on our blog and a comprehensive list of growing guides too, to help you grow beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables; and you can join in the gardening discussion too on our forum.

We only supply the freshest products with excellent germination rate and vigorous growth.

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Our despatch is very fast, making sure you can get on with sowing with no delay. 

Our team of growers and horticulturalists here pride themselves on offering low prices and excellent value for money, fast delivery so you can sow quickly, and start watching the seedlings emerge and grow. Rare heirloom vegetable, flower and herb varieties allowing us to have exactly what you are looking for, amazing special offers to help you save money and excellent quality for your gardening needs that you will love to sow and watch your plants to grow.

  • The deep maroon colour of the cherry sized fruits is truly amazing. A colourful vegetable, which itself gives an interest to your garden. Grows well outside in the UK. And your summer harvest will be colourful and delicious too with this cherry tomato's somewhat sweet, rich and distinguished...

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  • One of the most popular variety. If you are new to growing peppers, this is a good one to start with. Can be grown successfully outdoors in a sheltered spot in your vegetable garden, and you can have a great harvest of 30-50 fruits from one plant, if the plants grown in the greenhouse. The fruits...

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  • Courgette Early Gem F1 is a very early variety. Slim dark green fruits with a lighter green stripe. Also can be used to produce small marrows if left on the plant longer. Sow the Early Gem courgette seed late March through April under glass for growing in the greenhouse, or late April through...

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  • This trailing Little Gem squash produces many cricket ball sized, dark green fruits. Dark orange, sweet flesh. Very productive plant. Sow the gem squash from late April under glass for growing in the greenhouse, or through May to transplant outdoors. Seeds can also be sown direct outdoors, in a...

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