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  • As the name suggests tendergreen produces masses of tender green pods. The plants are dwarf and strong growing. The pods are slightly curved and stringless. Very productive and very easy to grow. The pods taste most delicious when picked young.Can be grown in larger containers in patio...

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  • Chives is a very popular herb and used in every day cooking. The onion taste of the fine leaves goes well in soups, different egg dishes, sandwiches. Sow the chives from April to July, thinly, 1-1.5 cm deep in rows about 20cm apart in light, well-drained, fertile soil, which has been finely...

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  • The deep maroon colour of the cherry sized fruits is truly amazing. One of the most sought after black variety. The colour itself gives an interest to your vegetable garden, and your summer salad will be colourful and delicious too with this tomato's somewhat sweet, rich and distinguished...

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  • This variety, White Lisbon, is very quick cropping traditional salad onion with white stems and bright green tops. Can be sown from early spring, in the summer and in the autumn too. Very hardy spring onion, can be overwintered under cloches, in protected areas. Onions have...

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