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Hot Pepper - Cayenne Red 25 seeds

One of the most popular vegetable seeds. If you are new to growing peppers, this is a good one to start with. Can be grown successfully outdoors in a sheltered spot in your vegetable garden, and you can have a great harvest of 30-50 fruits from one plant, if the seeds and plants grown in the...
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Tomato Black Cherry 100 seeds

A colourful vegetable, and with so many seeds in one packet you can share them with your gardening friends an family. Grows well outside in the UK. And your summer harvest will be colourful and delicious too with this cherry tomato's somewhat sweet, rich and distinguished flavour. The strong...
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Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1 Hybrid 15 seeds

Cucumber is a very popular vegetable and this variety produces crisp, delicious fruits which are bitter free. Grows well outside in the garden, allotment. This is the variety which is called 'slicer' in America. This outdoor type is tolerant of summer heat, and resistant to mildew. Dark green,...
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Courgette All Green Bush 30 seeds

All Green Bush Courgette is a high yielding variety. The best to harvest this vegetable when the fruits are 10 - 15 cm long. Ideal to produce mini courgettes. Crops for a long period of time if harvested regularly. A great vegetable seeds to sow and grow for kids, as it is easy to care for and...
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Asparagus Pea 25 seeds

An easy to grow annual plant, producing unusual pods with a unique flavour. The taste, as the name suggests, is between asparagus and pea. Asparagus pea can be grown as a vegetable or as a ground cover ornamental as the flowers are very pretty dark maroon in colour. If you want to harvest the...
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Aubergine Black Beauty 200 seeds

Large, glossy, deep purple skinned oval fruit about 13cm long. Fruit holds quality and colour well after picking. Best to raise this heat loving vegetable from seeds in the greenhouse, especially in Britain, to make sure you raise strong, healthy seedlings. Aubergines are high in potassium,...
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Lettuce Freckles 500 seeds

Freckles is a unique romain type lettuce. This early variety has glossy light green, sort of savoy like leaves with maroon splotches, which makes this an interesting looking vegetable. The mature heads keep very well in the ground. Excellent vegetable seeds to sow here in the UK for winter...
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Borecole Dwarf Green Curled 500 seeds

Smaller in size, closely curled leaves and excellent frost tolerance. Kale is packed with Vitamins A, C and K; and is a brilliant winter leaf vegetable, trendy in the UK. Seeds can be sown outdoors in a well prepared seed bed in the spring, in drills 0.5 cm deep and about 30cm apart or in seed...
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Beetroot Boltardy 300 seeds

Boltardy has excellent sweet flavour, smooth skin and deep red tender flesh. And this variety has very good resistance to bolting. One of the most popular variety amongst the root vegetables in our online shop. 300 seeds cost only 99p. Great for the UK climate. Keeps well in the ground till late...
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Cauliflower All The Year Round 200 seeds

Cauliflower All Year Around is an easy to grow cauliflower. Ideal for freezing and for summer shows. Well know variety in many British gardens. The perfect veg seed to sow for all year around production. Medium sized heads and protective outer leaves. Sow cauliflower seeds in compost in seed...
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Carrot Nantes 2000 seeds

Carrot is a very British vegetable and Nantes is one of the best for winter storage. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cooking in full maturity. Approximately 120 days from sowing. Our most popular carrot seed. Site Prep...
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Asparagus Mary Washington 200 seeds

Mary Washington asparagus produces dark green shoots and highly resistant to rust. A perennial veg, which needs patience growing from seeds, and popular in the UK; the plants will produce tasty shoots year after year. Sow the asparagus in March - April in trays or individual small pots, abut...
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Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds

Very easy to grow, hardy winter vegetable. Early purple sprouting broccoli and green sprouting calabrese contain lots of antioxidants and are high in Vitamins C, A.Provide many delicious purple spears during late winter and early spring when other vegetables are not available in your garden....
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Cabbage Greyhound 500 seeds

Cabbage Greyhound produces early maturing, pointy heads in the summer and autumn. This tasty cabbage has almost no core and only few outer leaves. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Greyhound is neat and compact so it is the perfect vegetable if you have limited space in your garden. Medium sized heads....
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Tomato Tigerella 50 seeds

Tigerella has red skin with orange stripes when ripe. A slightly unusual looking vegetable, easy to grow from seeds in the garden or allotment plot. Suitable for greenhouse and outdoor production. A heavy cropper and about 2 weeks earlier than moneymaker. Completely greenback free, tangy fruits....
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Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia 50 seeds

Aquadulce Claudia is an early maturing broad bean. The perfect variety for overwintering. A very tasty bean and you can start harvesting the young pods as early as May. An ideal choice for the UK climate and the earliest vegetable seeds you can sow for the new season (from October). It is a...
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