Beetroot Cylindra 400 seeds
  • Beetroot Cylindra 400 seeds

Beetroot Cylindra 400 seeds


As the name suggests, a long, slim, cylindrical shaped beetroot, with a dark red colour to both the outer smooth skin and the inner sweet  flesh. Ideal beetroot variety for slicing. Matures earlier than other globe shaped ones.. If you decide to grow this variety make sure you have a light soil, as the roots go deeper down than globe shaped varieties'.

Sow seeds sparingly, early March-late June, about 2cm apart in rows, and cover with a little soil. Allow about 30cm between rows. Can be sown as early as end of January in a frost-free greenhouse.

As seedlings develope, thin them to about 10cm apart. Keep soil moist at all times to prevent roots becoming dry and woody.

7510 UK plant passport GB40557
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