Beetroot White Detroit  200 seeds
  • Beetroot White Detroit  200 seeds

Beetroot Avalanche F1 200 seeds


White Detroit beetroot as easy to grow as any other beetroot. The globe shaped roots are tender and sweeter. If you don't really like beetroot, this is a must try variety. Useful in cooking as it will not turn everything else red in your kitchen.

Sow white detroit thinly, early March-late June, about 2cm apart in rows, and cover with a little soil. Allow about 30cm between the rows. Beetroot can be sown as early as end of January in a frost-free greenhouse. Or sow the seeds in moduls under protection and plant out later when all risk of frast has passed.

As the beetroot seedlings develop, thin them to about 10cm apart. Keep soil moist at all times to prevent the roots becoming dry and woody. Tear the top of instead of cutting, and cook the beetroot with the skin and peel it off after cooking, this way you will have mor goodness in the roots.

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