Florence Fennel Romanesco 300 seeds

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Florence Fennel Romanesco has round, compact and pure white bulbs with good resistance to bolting. The most attractive heirloom florence fennel. The bulbs can reach up to 1kg in weight. A late maturing variety which is best sown in late spring. Can be eaten raw or steamed. You can use the leaves, the seeds, and then the swollen stems (as the bulb is actually the swollen stem base).

Sow the florence fennel seeds direct outside in a well prepared sunny spot. Sow these vegetable seeds about 1 cm deep in late April-May when the temperatures reach 14-18 Celsius. Leave about 40 cm between the rows.

When the fennel seedlings are large enough to handle thin out leaving about 30 cm between the plants.

Keep the plants well watered especially in hot, dry periods. You can use the leaves at any time, and harvest the seeds too when they are fully ripen. Start harvesting the stems when they reach tennis ball size.

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