Leek Blue Solaise 110 seeds
  • Leek Blue Solaise 110 seeds

Leek Blue Solaise 110 seeds


An extremely hardy leek which will stand easily until May. The plants have an attractive blue/grey outer leaves and excellent, thick white stem. A great vegetable to grow for the so called 'hungry gap', when there is not much produce are available to pick. Leeks are high in folic acid, potassium, and Vitamins A and C.

Leek plants prefer ordinary, well drained soil in sun or semi-shade and can follow early peas or potatoes. Sow the blue solaise seeds in early spring outdoors in a well prepared seed bed or inside in containers. Sow the leek seeds thinly 1cm deep in drills 23cm apart.Transplant the leek seedlings in early summer carefully and plant 15x40 cm apart, make 15cm deep holes and insert the seedlings as far as the first leaf. Then fill the hole with water, not with soil. Earth up the stems as growth develops.Crops from October-April.

A Allium porrum B UK plant passport 109423 C 8393 D GB
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