Borage 100 seeds
  • Borage 100 seeds
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Borage 100 seeds


Borage is grown as an annual herb and the plants great as an ornamental too. Also called starflower because it's beautiful star shaped blue blossoms. The whole plant is hairy and has many medicinal use. Borago officinalis is originally from Syria but commonly grown in many part of the world. The edible flowers are perfect in summer salads and pimms and other drinks. A must have if you want to create a cottage garden feel. The flowers attract bees and other benefical insects.

Sow borage seeds from early spring about 2 cm deep, in a well prepared bed, or inside in pots.

Grow the seedlings on in bigger post until about 30 cm tall and plant out into a well drained, rich soil in a sunny spot in your herb garden. Leave about 30 cm between the plants. The most attractive is randomly planted between other herbs and flowers.

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