Wild Garlic 50 seeds


Wild Garlic or Ramson is hardy perennial. A wonderful herb to have in the corner of a shady spot under trees and in moist soil. Does not like direct sunshine, the plants will grow small. Prefers damp, fertile soil and shady locations just like in the wild as it is found growing on riverbanks under trees. Wild garlic grows to 30 cm tall, and produces beautiful edible white flowers. The wild garlic needs shady and damp location to thrive, perfect for that corner of the garden where nothing else would grow.

The leaves are edible from early spring, so it is a great addition to the edible garden when there is not much to pick for the kitchen. The wild garlic flower buds and the white flowers are also edible.

Just scatter the wild garlic seeds in the autumn before the first frost, in a well prepared, weed free, damp and raked soil. Germination will take place in the following spring. Don't cover the seeds at all. Germination can be erratic.

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