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Grow and Harvest Fresh Green Peas

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender October 21, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
Peas 12

The garden podded or shelling pea [ Pisum sativum ] is a favorite in the vegetable garden, and growing peas is recommended even for the novice gardener. There are only a few vegetables quite like freshly shelled peas. Included in this family are mangetout and sugar or snow peas, these varieties are grown for their edible pods which are eaten whole. Marrowfat a variety is grown to produce mature seeds for drying. This veg is quite easy to grow and if the right varieties are selected, fresh peas can be harvested from June to October outdoors as the use of cloches, greenhouses or polytunnels can extend the season so you can grow peas for a longer period. Preparation For the best crops, the plants need an open sunny site, with good drainage. They like their roots cool and moist, so a soi

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Growing tasty and healthy beetroot

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender September 28, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
Beetroot in modules

This wonderful root veg is super good for you and growing beetroot is very easy. With successional sowing and storing, you can have your own for months and months. I do love it a lot and my favourite recipe is this roasted beetroot, but the possibilities are endless; you can make beetroot soup or even try beetroot sliced on the barbecue and in your burger. Many different varieties are available, but the standard globe shaped deep red ones growing in many gardens and allotments up and down the country. Sowing the seeds Dig the soil in the spring, few weeks before sowing as beetroot likes a loose and light soil and plenty of sunshine. Avoid growing beetroot in semi shade. I had the last two rows of my plants in a semi shaded area by accident this year, they were in shade for about

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How to Grow Juicy and Delicious Tomatoes

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender August 21, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment 8 Comments

Choosing varieties There are hundreds of varieties out there and generally if you are growing tomatoes from seeds, you can do this outside or in a greenhouse, there are many more varieties available than if you want to buy plug plants in the spring. Also growing from seeds is much cheaper than paying 2 or 3 pounds for one plant. Choose the variety according to how much space you have for your tomatoes and how you would like to use your fruit. Bite size cherries, more firm mini plums or you would like a big beefsteak one for barbecues? If growing tomatoes to make sauce the best one to go for is San Marzano, this variety grows well outside in the UK too. Heirloom tomatoes are very popular and in my opinion they taste better too. Grow Gardener’s Delight or Black Cherry if you want a swe

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