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Seed Collection

Person Author: Sojali Farm Calender January 11, 2015 Posted Tags: , , , , , Comment No Comments

Gathering tomato seeds is not as scary as it might sound.  After growing a few different varieties you may find one that you like so much, that you want to ensure you will always be able to have the seeds to grow your own at home without the risk of the shop your bought them from not stocking them next year. All you need to do is take a few simple steps and you can guarantee that next year you will have the same tomatoes that have enjoyed in the past and without having to hunt down elusive seeds. Firstly, we need a few bits and pieces to enable us to gather those seeds, namely, a tomato. Pick one that is ripe from a disease free plant. You will need a bowl, a sieve, some water and some paper towels. Slice the tomato in half and scoop out the seeds with as little ‘jelly

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The new season has truly begun…

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender March 23, 2014 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
2014-03-16 17.05.01L_rs

I've not been doing much on the blog side lately so here goes with some info on the last few months activities. I planted my garlic as normal in September in modules in the greenhouse but they were really very slow this year. I normally plant them out at the plot end of December but this year only in February and very small growth and root system. They seem to be growing well now. I am growing the garlic through weed fabric this year as my onions did really well last year and no weeding was required other than a few hand pulled weeds. Since I made my light grow box in January the seedlings have really been growing well. I eventually had to take the chillies and peppers out when I potted up the show onions.. The chillies have really done well and as it's the first time growing them

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How I grew over half a tonne of Veg on my allotment in 2013.. (Super-Blog part 2)


So to continue... Spring Onions... As I said in the part 1 we love our onions.  As well as the normal onions I also have a small bed of multiplying onions - like a spring onion but a bit smaller. I originally planted a few bunches of two or three onions and they soon turned into huge bunches of tall tasty onions which are ideal in stews and soups. They have a totally different taste to normal onions. I dig up a portion of a bunch when required by driving a spade through the bunch and replacing some soil to fill the void!! When the whole bunch has been used I replant a small bunch of 2-5 and in not time they will be ready for eating as well. This way one only needs a square meter or so in the garden for theses.  They over-winter without any problem and jump back into growing mode i

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How I grew over half a tonne of Veg on my allotment in 2013.. (Super-Blog part 1)


Wow - I was quite astounded when I added the quantities of veg that I grew on my allotment last season.. I grew 588 kg. on 165 sq. mt.   My Harvest 2013 After seeing the price of runner beans in town I decided to do a harvest record just to see how much I have grown and priced at supermarket prices.. Some estimates are on the lower side!! Strawberries 40kg = 88punnet @ £2.50 = £225 Broadbeans 6kg @ £1.80 per kg = £11 Peas 6kg @ £2 = £12 Potatoes 90kg @ £1 = £90 Gemsquash 130 @ 50p = £65 Runner beans 31kg @ 6.67 = £207 Courgettes 20kg @ £1.60 = £32 Squashes loads +/- 12 @ £1 = £12 Hubbard squash 4 large @ £4 = £16 Acorn squash 21 @ £1 + £21 Pumpkin 1 @ 2kg @ £2 = £2 Beetroot +/- 25 kg @ £3.3 = £83 Garlic 80 large bulbs @ 50p = £40 Onions 450 @ 2

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A Proper Summer!

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender July 27, 2013 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
Big Fruit 2

Yes! A proper summer at last. This is the best summer since 2006! Although it was a long cold spring, with many plants suffering. My tomato plants looked quite sorry for themselves in April, but are wonderful now. I have been harvesting a small number of ripe Sungold toms over the last week and I have others on bush plants ready too. No other varieties ripe, but there are lots of nice trusses on my Gardeners Delight, Black Krim, Purple Ukrain and my grafted Orangina. I have a plant of Indigo Rose which is supposed to have purply blue skin. The unripe fruits already have a blue tinge. I cant wait for my tomatoes to ripen in all colours of the rainbow! Watch the temperatures in the greenhouse or poly tunnel. In the strong sun, temps can easily rocket to well over a 100 degrees, ventil

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Early June Garden.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender June 9, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , , Comment 1 Comment

Hard to believe we are in June now. The good weather we have had over the last couple of weeks has really made a difference. Everything is growing so fast, I can hardly keep up with the potting up, tying in and pinching out! I have baby tomatoes set on some of the early plants, young peas and broad beans and flowers on my chilli's. My bush tomatoes were planted out in pots and tubs outside last week and are looking good with lots of flowers. The bed and borders are full and lush, with little spare space for any new plants, but as I have grown oriental poppies, helebores and himalayan cowslips from seed, I will have to find room somewhere! The soft fruit is looking great and there is a good set on the currants and blueberries. My garlic that was planted in October is gro

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Easter Sunday on the plot

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender April 2, 2013 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
2013-03-31 12.53.26L_rs

I had a great Easter Sunday at the plot ... It was the first time for quite a while that I could spend the a day there due to the incumbent weather we've been having. So I woke up early.... 'ish... and made a packed lunch of sarnies and some cans of diet coke, packed all my bits I've been collecting and headed off. All the snow has gone but some parts of the plot are still frozen and generally still too cold to plant anything. I have broad beans, onion sets, shallots, peas and potato onions all in modules waiting to go in. I reckon we are nearly a month behind now. Fairly cold to start off with but the sun came out and it was a lovely day. I tidied the shed and emptied all the bags of manure I had placed waiting to be dug in. We get free horse manure mixed with shavings delivered in bla

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Itchy Fingers – I wish Spring would hurry up!!

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender March 20, 2013 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments

I'm itching to get going this year and get things planted out... But I still have to finish preparing the plot as with the strange conditions I've not had a chance to get stuck in and get all the digging done. And the ground is still too cold!! Last year was my first year on the plot that had been neglected for years so I double dug the whole thing to a depth of 18" or so and added loads of manure. This year I'm just turning over one spade depth and then going to rotavate it to fluff it up. I did a few yards a few weeks ago but was still too wet and a bit more last weekend and it was so much drier. So soon I will get stuck in and get it all done. Starting off over the weekend - weather permitting.    The Garlic is doing well but still taking time to really start shooting up. I have a

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Budget Pots and Modules.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender January 29, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , Comment 2 Comments

Continuing on from my blog on budget propagation and protection. I am moving on to budget pots and modules. As money is tight for many folks, dont cut back on seeds, good seed is always worth the money. The best way to save money in the garden is to recycle. So much of what is thought of as 'rubbish' can be put to good use in growing plants. Some of the things we can use will be bio-degradeable, others not so much and many can be used more than once. Yogurt  and Cream Pots. These are a classic seed and growing pot, as are any other small plastic tubs and containers. Large plastic tubs and pots can be use to grow mature plants. Water bottles, fruit juice cartons, tubs from ice cream, there are so many. All these plastic containers will need drainage holes, these can easily be mad

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Tomatoes are flowering in the greenhouse

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender September 20, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 2 Comments

  Okay, I know it is September but my Black Russian and Black Cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse are so happy. The sunny days we had the past two weeks helped them grow really strong, the soil in the greenhouse must be still full of nutrients as I did not feed the plants for about 6 weeks now. I have doubts for the Russian one as the large fruits probably will not form now, but the Cherry may be producing into November if there will be at least some sunny days. I had Sungold in the greenhouse 2 years age and I did definitely picked some pathetic but tasty tomatoes in early November. It is a strange growing season, which gets even stranger with the tomatoes flowering right now, but who knows, just let them get on with it and we'll see.  How are your tomatoes doing?

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