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All of our seeds and any seeds you buy in the EU are non – GMO!

So don’t be afraid to try growing some lovely purple podded peas, it is actually a heirloom variety.

We are asked the question almost every day on social media and via email if any of the seeds we sell is Genetically Modified? I blame this on two things, 1: the public is not informed very well about Genetically Modified Organisms and how it is regulated in the UK and the EU and 2: we sell more unusual seeds. Which in many minds would suggest that they are genetically modified.

GMO seeds are not publicly available in the EU luckily (I am not sure if any GMO crop is grown commercially anywhere in the EU), so be assured that you will not be able to buy any from any online store. They are mostly grown in America and apparently 80% of processed food contain some sort of GMO material across the pond.

The more unusual seeds that we sell actually in many cases are heirloom, and the varieties evolved to the form we know them over hundreds of years as humans selectively grown them. For example tomatoes were rather green and brown rather then red and carrots, along with many other root veg were white. As the more unusual varieties grow in popularity many gardeners would be/are afraid of them but they are safe and in most cases heirloom, or in some cases hybrid. Hybrid seeds/varieties are safe too and the vegetables you buy in the supermarkets are mostly hybrid for sure. Here is a short article about hybrid varieties.




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