Bank Holiday Madness.

I called in at my local garden nursery today, I was wanting some of that  black weed fabric to cover a weedy patch.

As I walked through the doors, everywhere were bedding plants, hanging baskets and trays and pots of vegetables.

There were thousands of them, and it struck me, Bank Holiday Madness! People will be flocking in droves to Garden Centres,

DIY Stores and Garden Nurseries this Bank Holiday weekend, spending lots of money on ‘tender’ plants and vegetables.

Folks will be attracted by exotic colours of lovely bedding plants, and the thoughts of ‘growing your own’ will tempt many to

purchase tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies with very little thought to the plants needs beyond pots and compost.

While this is of course is great and wonderful, I wish more information was posted [ and easy to see ] telling customers that many

of these plants and vegetables are tender, that they cannot go outside yet and will need protection for a couple more weeks or so.

I wonder how many budding gardeners are disappointed and put off gardening because their early purchases died or failed to thrive?

Many of them not even knowing why their plants died. Most people new to gardening have not the knowledge or experience to

know if and when it is safe to plant out, unless they are informed.

The retailers have a great opportunity to help with good information, this I’m sure would be paid back with more repeat sales.

So if your planning to join the frenzy and buy lots of plants this weekend, I say go ahead and enjoy yourself, fill your trollies high,

but please remember that many of those plants and vegetables are tender will need some TLC!




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