First pods

With the sunshine the first pods arrived too on the plot. Don’t ask what variety this runner bean is as I had to buy some plants from the shop. I do two sowings normally; one in late April in modules inside to plant out late May – early June so if the weather is good then I can have  beans as early as July. Second sowings are done direct outside early June in well prepared trenches right by the base of the canes. Well as you know this growing season wasn’t pleasant at the least so both my efforts failed so I had to purchase few plants. What they will taste like, who knows… I love the variety ‘Enorma’ as even the long, older pods are delicious and not stringy. Unfortunately I had to say good-bye to my ‘Borlotto’ beans, they are the best beans ever or maybe second best after young broad beans, but  anyway it was impossible to find plants in July.

I would think it is too late to sow climbing beans now in July but dwarf french beans should crop with no problem if you sow them now towards the end of the month; the seeds will germinate quickly in the heat and the plants grow so fast too if the temperatures stay in the 20s for a good few weeks or longer. Dwarf french beans can crop as quick as 60 days after germination so a September harvest is achievable. How are your beans doin’?

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