How to garden in 2012

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It is a good question and I don’t really know tha answer but there are a couple of things you can do to succeed.
You can start everything in pots, even beetroot can be sown in small modules and then planted out later without disturbing their roots. I used the opposite method and started everything outside, except the obvious tomatoes and peppers, but this year it just does not work. I started my beans in small pots, just one seed in a pot, and now they are getting ready for the outside world, the cold, the wind and the rain.

Delay your sowings, or sow some species again if you have failed. Beetroot particularly is just a sad sight this year with sporadic germination and no growth for almost a month. I always try to get ahead and sow my root veggies very early so they come up and grow ‘naturally’ as the weather warms up but this year this method di not work at all. I will have to resow all of them, beetroot, carrot, parsnip and hamburg parsley.

You can still sow all of the above root vegetables in June. Runner bean and french bean and all the squash seeds still can be planted too in June; you will just have a later harvest, well unless it starts snowing in August you never know and the harvest might not be that late as my squashes outside not doing very well, they look cold and battered.

Sow some fast veg like spinach, rocket, baby leaf lettuce, pak choi, radish, these are all much quicker than beetroot or carrot for example. Lesson learned for me this year, I will make sure next year I start everything inside the greenhouse in small modules and pots.

And don’t forget about slugs and snails, I did only for a few days and they went into my greenhouse causing damage on chillies, yes chillies; looks like there are so many of them that they eat anything, well preferably the things you try to grow. Reports actually show that there are 10 times more slugs and snails around than an average year thanks to the wet spring.

And get a small polytunnel or greenhouse for the future, it does really worth the money if you are serious about veg growing. My tomatoes, which I planted in the greenhouse border about a month ago, are double in size compare to the outside ones and they are outside only the past 7 days, okay that sounds like a bit of exaggeration but it is true I promise! How are you coping this year?

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  • Deano:

    Had similar issues with early seeding & plantings, all suffered from the very poor weather in April/May followed by losses to an inordinate number of slugs and snails.
    Had to buy extra tomato plants due to losing so many of my home grown one’s now have what looks like early blight on all of them so zero tomato crop for me this year.
    Reseeded runner beans and they are doing very well as are the peas I sowed early outdoors.
    Beetroot looks rather sick and about 50% have failed to even get started.
    Early sowing of carrots took a while to get going but are now doing just fine.

    Strawberries are my biggest headache right now with flowers not setting fruit but wither instead, I have no idea what is causing this on these newly purchased plants planted in 4 different locations.

  • Tony:

    What a really good article: If i could say one thing that i learned this year; and that is don’t over water and make sure that air gets to the bottom of the pots…My thank’s have to go to Gavin and N’woman from the blog for the advice and saving my plants…

  • Lajos Szabo:

    Deano I feel sorry for you if you really have already blight?!? I wouldn’t be surprised though in this humid weather, what is your location? As for your strawberries it does sounds strange, do you have bees around them and/or other insects, cannot think of anything else only lack of pollination.

    Good tip Tony, I did overwatering too this year as in the cold weather even the small pots just didn’t dry out for a week sometimes.

  • Deano:

    My location is Midlands near Birmingham.
    Have seen a good number of bees around on days when weather has been half decent so not yet convinced that’s the issue but will try doing a bit of hand pollination, nothing to lose by trying.

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