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In this hot weather the aphids are having the time of their short life. Broad beans, roses and many other plants and vegetables are suffering from aphid (green fly or black fly) attack. They really love my artichokes in the allotment and the ants run around them, literally farming them, so they can feed on the sugary syrup the black flies produce. I would not mind them much in the ornamental garden but really don’t want them on my fruits and vegetables, especially that I grow my produce from seeds.
If you plant veg and some smelly plants together, you do companion planting, so you well know that it is recommended to plant garlic around broad beans for example. The good news is that following this idea you can make your own garlic spray which will be an excellent weapon in the fight against the aphids.

Simply mince or finely chop a whole garlic, add a pint of boiling water and let it sit overnight. Sieve and dilute it a bit and you can use it in your spray bottle against insects. Add a bit of washing up liquid too to the mixture so it will stick to the leaves easily. If you plan to use this mixture on young, tender plants it is advised to test it first on a few leaves to check that the spray does not harm your young plants. Also I would advise not to use it on flowering plants as it could repel bees too. Garlic is a really healthy thing, I love it in every meal, and it is good for your plants too; with its antifungal and antibacterial properties garlic will make the plant tissue stronger so that the bacterial and fungal diseases will have a hard time to establish themselves on your strong plants. And I heard it can even repel slugs?!

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  • john robson:

    use it all the time on my hostas,works a treat.

  • Nathan B:

    The spray I use to ward off rabbits has garlic and rotten egg (not super strong so I can still stand to work in the garden) and dried blood as the three active ingredients. I’ll bet I could cook something similar up and it would work double duty!

  • S.A. Garcia:

    I have these nasty red aphids attacking my faux sunflowers (more like three foot tall black eyes Susans). I will try this spray on those pests. I have rubbed these nasties off while wearing gloves yet when they land on my arm they sting.

    I swear my garden is an urban test site for nasty new critters.

  • finljb:

    The other good thing about garlic spray is that is does not affect the taste of any growing vegetables!

  • Jason Haynes:

    Good idea of using garlic as a anti fungal spray, I am growing Elephant garlic this year, should be a good crop, All gardener’s out there try growing garlic near carrot’s they really do deter carrot fly ,as with onion fly too. Hope this help’s.

  • Randy:

    I operate an aquaponics system. Does anyone know if this solution affects/harms fish?


  • Lajos Szabo:

    I don’t think so, unless the fish gets a huge amount of concentrated garlic, still it wouldn’t harm the fish only repel, I guess garlic repels all/most animals…

  • DJIC:

    I find garlic spray will also repel mosquitos. At £38 a bottle to buy plus postage, a good old home made recipe is very welcome.

  • kenneth rooney:

    will garlic spray deter cabbage white butterfly ??.

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