Tomatoes are flowering in the greenhouse

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Okay, I know it is September but my Black Russian and Black Cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse are so happy. The sunny days we had the past two weeks helped them grow really strong, the soil in the greenhouse must be still full of nutrients as I did not feed the plants for about 6 weeks now.

I have doubts for the Russian one as the large fruits probably will not form now, but the Cherry may be producing into November if there will be at least some sunny days. I had Sungold in the greenhouse 2 years age and I did definitely picked some pathetic but tasty tomatoes in early November.

It is a strange growing season, which gets even stranger with the tomatoes flowering right now, but who knows, just let them get on with it and we’ll see.  How are your tomatoes doing?

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  • Elaine:

    Hi there, mine are doing similar. Outdoor Black Russian, I have been harvesting them for around 3 weeks now and they are continuing to flower and small tomatoes have set, sadly I rather doubt if they will come to fruition as the nightime temperatures are getting lower each night.

  • Susan Bennett:

    Hi What do you think about using moisture retentative gel in pots and baskets for tomatoes?
    Is it safe?I go to a gardening club twice a week for an hour or so each time so am not always there to keep an eye on them.

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