26th April to 2nd May 2015 on Plot 44

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Firstly apologies for the long delay in my updates . My allotment has had to take a back step whilst we have been nursing our standard poodle who suffered a severe spinal injury after falling down the stairs at home on May 2nd. Thankfully against the odds he is making slow but steady progress with quite a way to go before I can walk him to the allotment but that is our target for this autumn. In the meantime I have six weeks of progress on the plot to write about so I shall have to pull my finger out this week and catch up on one week each day .


The red bottle was my first attempt and took much longer than the rest.


With them being sited in bamboo canes It is easy to put them anywhere


I managed to complete a dozen before the wire ran out. My first early potatoes still under a cloche in the background.

The week began with me recycling plastic pop bottles and turning them in to windmills for use around the plot as the pigeon population seem to wait in the neighbouring trees for my departure before raiding the plot . There are various instructions to be found on the web and found one that took five minutes to make once I’d spent thirty minutes making the first one.

Peas I had planted earlier were just beginning to germinate and due to some heavy rain uncovering several I had to add compost on top of a few of the peas.

At home I took the plunge and cut the slips off the sweet potatoes that had been suspended in jars of water and put those slips in to water to develop their own roots .

On Saturday 2nd May I planted out the Chinese Artichokes that I had had growing in plant pots in the greenhouse since I purchased them back in February and I took the opportunity whilst at the plot to sow all my varieties of squash seeds as well as the competition pumpkin Dill’s Atlantic seeds.

Until next time I thank you for reading/returning, Paul



Chinese Artichokes

Germinated peas seedsuncovered

Germinated peas seedsuncovered

I put 4 seeds from each variety of squash in to each plant pot

I put 4 seeds from each variety of squash in to each plant pot

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