Cold Peppers and Harissa paste soup

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With the heat outside it’s nice to eat a cooling soup. No spending time behind hot stoves either! done in 5 minutes means more time at the allotment 😉 or garden or beach or…


Serves 2-3:

2-3 yellow or orange (bell)peppers

2-3 teaspoons of Harissa paste (some pastes are spicier than others so to taste)

150grams of Greek style yoghurt

1 cube of vegetable stock and some hot water to dissolve it

6-8 spring onions (white and pale green parts only

Salt and pepper


1 chilli pepper to decorate

Chopped spring onions to decorate





Dissolve the stock cube in a little hot water and let it cool

Cut a few nice rings off the bellpeppers for decoration, chop  the rest into small cubes

Cut up the spring onion.


Pour a little stock in the bottom of the blender, add the peppers and onions, Harissa and yoghurt.

Blend until smooth, if too thick add some more stock.

Season to taste and refrigerate to cool.


To serve pour into bowls or plates, decorate with the pepper rings and chilli pepper and if desired some crispy spring onions



You could also use a sjalot onion instead of spring

Normal yoghurt instead of Greek but that’s much thinner, so beware with the stock.

A blender Works best if there’s some liquid in the bottom.


Original recipe from Martha, adapted, photographed by Gardeninglady

Per portion 167Kcal


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