Sprouting the Mammoth Leek Seeds

The silly leek competition has began on the first of January and after just 24 hours the seeds are on their way. I put the Mammoth leek seeds between wet kitchen tissue paper and place them in a small plastic container, and put that about 5 inches above the radiator.

I don’t have any fancy heated propagator and lights so this is the method I use often to germinate chillies and tomatoes quickly too. Except that I don’t sprout them on paper but plant them straight into the compost, but they all go on the top of the radiator.

I used tweezers to pick the largest seeds out (the fact that the sprouts are visible allowed me to do a selection at this early stage) and planted them into a mix of ordinary potting on and seed sowing compost, into small cells. Only one sprouting seed per cell as I am pretty sure they will go just fine and I don’t want to end up with lots of giant leek seedlings as I need the space indoors for peppers and tomatoes later.

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