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In terms of pure unadulterated pleasure there are few things that can rival a cutting garden in full bloom. Imagine masses of blooms in various colours and textures, the buzz of bees and butterflies, a heavenly scent (if you’ve planted scented flowers) and the sense of pride that comes with knowing you’ve created this. Then you choose the blooms that a ripe for the picking and you take them in to your home to be admired from the comfort of your armchair safe in the knowledge that you’ve not broken the bank, incurred miles of travel and you know exactly what has gone in to producing your bouquet.

For the well-organized and keen gardener you can start your cutting garden right now with early indoor sowings of many annuals that can be grown on in a sunny space or under the cover of a glasshouse or polytunnel. If you stagger sowings of each of your chosen flower seeds for the next few months, flowers will be in abundance in your garden right through until the autumn, which I’m sure will also help feed and attract many beneficial insects to your garden or allotment.

Six to sow:

Antirrhinum ‘Crown Mix’ – The Snapdragon makes for a fantastic cut flower and really brightens up a room. This plant is easy to grow and this particular mix has something for everyone with various flower colours. Priced at only 99p for 2000 seeds you really can’t go wrong.

Ammi majus – A beautiful and natural looking bloom, Ammi adds a beautiful texture and feel to home grown bouquets and acts as a good filler. The flowers are much loved by beneficial insects and will attract a wide range of wildlife to the garden.

Sweet Pea ‘Royal Mix’ – A long strong stem and masses of delicately scented blooms makes this sweet pea mix perfect for the cutting garden.

Cleome ‘Violet Queen’ – This beautiful and exotic looking plant really adds a touch of luxury to a bouquet with its dark and sumptuous blooms. A tall growing plant with massive of blooms making it a great addition to the back of a border also.

Sweet Pea ‘Parfumiere Mix’ – For the scent lovers out there this sweet pea mix will really do the trick. Specifically selected to ooze maximum perfume these heirloom varieties will make for beautiful posies dotted all around the home.

Cornflower ‘Ball Strain Mixed’ – Easy to grow and a long time favourite of gardeners and cut flower growers. This mix produces tall plants with long lasting blooms that suit cutting and drying.

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