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More Rain and the Edible Garden Show!

Chitting our potatoes.

We were planning to spend some time down on the plot on Sunday but it didn’t happen because of the pouring rain! We like to think of ourselves as hardy gardeners but there really wasn’t anything we could have done gardening-wise! I really hope the weather improves soon; it has to, doesn’t it?! It’s been raining all morning here but it finally looks like it might it might stop and brighten up. It’s just a shame it’s a workday for me, otherwise, I’d be heading straight down to the allotment with the first promise of sunshine! Sunday wasn’t a complete write-off in the end though, as we just decided to spend the afternoon in our local village pub reading the Sunday papers by the fire with a couple of pints of cider ; ) At home, we’re busy chitting our potatoes in

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Starting off your newly allocated plot..

Person Author: Gavin Conway Calender December 8, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment 1 Comment
first year 29LL_rs

Many people would have recently been allocated new plots or in the process of taking one over in the run up to spring.. As per normal, they probably are full of weeds, rubbish, broken glass, old pallets, timbers, plastic containers with holes in and most of all huge forest of brambles, nettles and possibly mares tail. And possibly a few raspberry bushes as well - great. Firstly you need to plan what you are going to grow. Veg, some flowers, strawberries and soft fruit, some fruit trees etc. etc.   Remember you must grow what YOU want to eat and not what others want you to grow. Take into account the space you have and the space required for all your various crops. Make some sketches of the basic shape and play with it. You will have fun. Try to keep similar varieties of plants

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A cold allotment day

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 28, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment 1 Comment

Finally it is cold now, the perfect weather to do some autumn/winter digging. Unfortunately though the soil is still very wet so managed to dig just enough to plant some broad bean seeds in. And of course as I was hoping that perhaps the soil will be a bit dryer next week it has started to rain again. Well, the story of 2012 still lives on: wet, cold makes it hard to garden and grow anything. Enough of moaning though now and let's see what are the advantages of winter digging. All the seeds what are on the surface will go deep down and won't germinate first thing in the spring. Even in May I had the winter dug beds ready for planting, all I had to do is loosen the soil a little bit with a fork, as my soil is quite heavy, but it was pretty much weed free. Also in the spring there are

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Allotment Sunday

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender June 25, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment No Comments

After the rain yesterday morning the evening weather was a bit brighter so managed to get to the allotment. There was a horrible corner, unfortunately I seem to have quite a few of those, and I have tried to grow potatoes there last year. It was going alright until the autumn as I can recall but after that I didn't go near that place until yesterday; I thought I can pull the big weeds out easily after the rain. So there I had it half a row of potatoes growing nicely, obviously I forgot to dig them up last year, but I checked and small new potatoes are already appearing and last years spuds providing the new growth as they are breaking down nicely. So I decided to leave the plants in and dig them up in a month; best to eat my potatoes as soon as I can,  there is simply too much foraging

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