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Containers in your garden plot

Person Author: Mark Calender January 12, 2015 Posted Tags: , , , Comment 1 Comment

The year 2014 is now past and for me it was the first year of growing any variety of veg or salad and i will be the first to admit i did go a little mad trying to grow everything i possibly could. With this being my second year and absorbing knowledge from the forum here at Seed Parade i thought i would share a few of my mistakes. We all make them but when it saves a new grower money i thought i would share my experience on containers. Container growing dos require a little more care and attention however with the time and effort everyone can grow a fantastic array to harvest for the dinner plate and even more to give away to friends and family. First i will start with stackable containers. Trust me they look bigger than they are and once stacked up they are even smaller. Each pot, on

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