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Broad Beans and Oriental Veg

Broad beans for planting.

Although it’s that time of year when there isn’t so much to do on our allotment, we always seem to find ourselves with a long list of jobs to finish off! This weekend we’ve finally got round to sowing some ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ Broad Beans into our newest raised bed. We left about 20cm between each seed and just hope that it’s enough space for the plants to grow well (provided of course that they germinate). We’ve also planted a few into plastic pots and have put them in the cold frame outside our back door, to see if we get discernably different results from each method. Steve’s sister Julie, whose a bit of a gardening pro, say’s it’s all about trial and error with veg gardening, and we’re slowly coming round to the idea that Julie might be right! We’ve also s

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Parsnips and Ripening Butternut Squash

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender November 7, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment 2 Comments
Harvested parnsips

Last Sunday, in between the rain showers, we managed to get down to the allotment for a couple of hours. When we started our allotment we were given a strip of parsnip seeds in a planting tape which we planted straight away. We harvested our first batch of these last weekend. They are definitely the neatest vegetable that we have sown, as they grew in a lovely straight line and we are really rather pleased with how they turned out. The parsnips seemed to grow well in our sandy soil too and didn’t require much love and attention, so we’ll definitely be planting those again next year. Back in the spring, we planted out our butternut squash that we’d grown from seed called ‘Rugosa’. They did really well over the past couple of months but during September they really failed to

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