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Charm and the all year round cauliflower

Person Author: Ryan Lewis Calender March 9, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , Comment No Comments

When I was young cauliflower was one of those dishes that I had serious problems with. A vegetable with a watery consistency and a typical brassica taste, the dish wasn’t for me. But then later in life, after realising the cauliflower I had eaten years before had been cooked to a point close to total annihilation, I tasted beautifully cooked al dente cauliflower and cauliflower cheese. I was converted. If you can’t get enough of cauliflower cheese and other cauli dishes then look no further as with these two great cultivars we have no excuse not to grow it year round. In years gone by most people have tended to restrict themselves to growing Cauliflower for cropping in late Autumn or Winter but by sowing indoors now, or outside in around a month, you can harvest crops in Summer.

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