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Problems with Squashes and Pumpkins.


      There seems to be a lot of questions arising from problems with Squashes and Pumpkins this season.  The Cucubit family which includes Squashes, Pumpkins, Melons, Cucumbers and Courgettes seem to be causing many folks trouble. Many have told of poor germination or not germinating at all. This sowing season has been cold and wet. Even indoors the nights and some days have been much cooler and damper than usual, this is often the cause of poor germination. Cucubits in particular hate been cold and wet. They originate mainly from South and Central America, this tells you they like it warm. They do like lots of water when it's warm and they are growing strongly in the garden, but not as seedlings, wet will kill them. Cool damp conditions cause seeds to rot bef

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