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Growing Maincrop Onions from Seed

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender September 5, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , Comment No Comments

Most folks I know grow their maincrop onions from sets planted in spring, but I have always grown mine from seed. It's pretty easy growing onions from seed, and there is a much greater choice of varieties, onion variates come in many shapes, sizes and colours. If you want to have large onions then the two main factors are, variety and date of sowing. Exhibition growers sow their seed in December, you need a long season to grow big bulbs. The main important factor in growing really big onions is the variety, the most successful gardeners keep saving their seed from their best plants from year to year, developing a good giant strain. You can produce big onions from bought seed, the most popular of these varieties are The Kelsae, Mammoth and Ailsa, and seed is readily available. For most of u

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