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Chilli Pepper Sowing And Growing Tips


Growing  chillies is not the easiest as already germination can be eratic. The hotter the pepper the harder the seeds germinate, and that is my experience. The best time to sow the pepper seeds is January - March, but I am sure that some of you keen gardeners sow the chillies as early as December. With chillies is all about the temperature, as they are originally from a very warm part of the world such as India or South America. The most popular variety is still the Jalapeno and the Habanero type peppers. If you are new to growing chillies choose an easy variety like Jalapeno or Cayenne. These are easier to grow than the very hot habanero chillies. Even I have problems with germinating the hot types. Sowing the chilli seeds The chilli seeds really need some attention, so m

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