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Make space for chickens

Person Author: Ryan Lewis Calender April 27, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , , Comment No Comments

Image courtesy of Ryan's Garden Keeping chickens at home or at the allotment is becoming increasingly popular and when you look at the positives of doing so it’s plain to see why so many people are doing it. Yesterday, the Seed Parade forums went crazy with chicken talk and so I thought it only right that we acknowledge our feathery friends. Chickens make excellent pets and offer hours of entertainment. Any chicken keeper will know just how easy it is to simply sit and watch these creatures go about their daily lives. Watching how chickens interact and behave, depending on their place in the pecking order, is truly enthralling. Chickens are often very fond of human attention too. Three of my chickens, which I keep at my nearby allotment, battle for attention and make a racket when y

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