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Budget Pots and Modules.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender January 29, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , Comment 2 Comments

Continuing on from my blog on budget propagation and protection. I am moving on to budget pots and modules. As money is tight for many folks, dont cut back on seeds, good seed is always worth the money. The best way to save money in the garden is to recycle. So much of what is thought of as 'rubbish' can be put to good use in growing plants. Some of the things we can use will be bio-degradeable, others not so much and many can be used more than once. Yogurt  and Cream Pots. These are a classic seed and growing pot, as are any other small plastic tubs and containers. Large plastic tubs and pots can be use to grow mature plants. Water bottles, fruit juice cartons, tubs from ice cream, there are so many. All these plastic containers will need drainage holes, these can easily be mad

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