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Saving Seeds – Tomatoes – Peppers – Squashes


Saving seeds from plants you have grown can be great fun and adds another element to your gardening experience. Some of the most popular vegetables people grow, are tomatoes and peppers, including chillies. Saving seed from these plants is very easy. Always remember as with all plants F1 hybrids are a cross between two other varieties and will not come true from saved seed. It is best to save seed from heritage or open pollinated plants. [ Your original seed packet will say if it's an F1 or other hybrid ]. To save seed from a tomato, select a mature and ripe fruit, one that is of good quality and of a healthy, disease free plant. I like to place my chosen fruit on a saucer and keep on my kitchen windowsill, till nice and ripe and just starting to go soft. This will ensure that the tomat

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