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Highly Scented Heirloom Sweet Pea Mixture: Parfumiere Mix

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender April 3, 2010 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

Our sweet peas are proving to be very popular. Especially the heirloom mix varieties like our best ever selling  highly scented heirloom mixture of sweet pea. This mixture of peas are specially selected for their perfumed blooms. You can enjoy them in your allotment, garden or even on your patio area. Yes indeed, it is possible to grow them near your house and the strong stems make a great cutting flower too. Most gardeners sow the sweet peas in March, unless you are a really serious sweet pea lover and sown them in the autumn, but the spring being so late it is not late to sow them at all this month. After a couple of weeks the seedlings should look like these above and by the beginning of May, you will be able to transplant the sweet pea seedlings outside to their final position. So

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Lathyrus latifolius Everlasting Sweet Pea

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender February 18, 2010 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

L. latifolius is the well know perennial sweet pea. Native to Central an Southern Europe and can be found in Japan and in North America where it is an introduced flower. Once it was widely grown in many English garden. Despite its lack of scent it is getting more and more popular again among keen gardeners. The mixture of seeds available are produce white, pink and purple flowers, wich makes a stunning display and give a year after year enjoyment. The plant is a climber, so best to grow on trellis, on a south facing wall, or you can try to grow them in hanging basket for a cascading effect. Easily grown in any type of soil, but thrives in a well drained rich and warm soil. Prefers a sunny location, perhaps near to your patio where you can enjoy the beautiful flowers all summer long.

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