Organic - Carrot Flakkee 1000 seeds
  • Organic - Carrot Flakkee 1000 seeds

Organic - Carrot Flakkee 1000 seeds


Flakkee has long, thick roots. The colour and flavour is excellent and has good storage quality. The roots will remain good in the ground for a long time withoit spoiling. Excellent for storgae, the roots are up to 28 cm long. These seeds are organically grown.

Dig deep where you want your carrot and add plenty of organic material to the soil in the autumn and as much sand as you can afford; this will help the roots to grow long and straight.

Sow Carrot Flakkee seeds from March to June 1 cm deep, leaving 30-35cm between the rows.

Thin out when seedlings are 10-15cm long leaving 2-3cm between plants, depending on how large you want your root to be.

Keep watering in hot summer, water in the evening to avoid attracting carrot fly. Also a good method is to preven root fly infestation is to grow the carrots in a tub or trug, as the flies only fly just above the ground, so they will not reach your carrots if they are a bit higher above the ground. Delicious raw when smaller in size, great addition to any salad.

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