Echinacea Paradiso Dwarf Mix 10 seeds


Echinacea Paradiso Mixed Seeds is a hardy perennial. This echinacea is a dwarf selection containing a good range of large, long lasting and intensely coloured flowers with raised central cones. Paradiso mix flowers in the first year from an early spring sowing.

Brilliant for attracting bees and butterflies. Can be used as cut flower. Plants will grow about 60 cm tall, and will be a bit taller in 2nd year.

Sow the seeds in a good quality compost indoors in March, on the surface, do not cover as light aides the germination which can be slow, 2 -3 weeks. If the seeds don't germinate put them outside in the cold for few days and then bring them back indoors again. Once the seedlings are large enough to handle plant them into individual pots. Plant outside from June onwards.

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