Sweetcorn Minipop F1 Hybrid 30 seeds
  • Sweetcorn Minipop F1 Hybrid 30 seeds

Sweetcorn Minipop F1 Hybrid 30 seeds


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Normal sugar type. Very tender pericarp makes this an ideal variety for mini sweet corn. Best grown at high density, and harvested when cobs approximately 10cm in length. Produces 5-6 cobs per plant.

This variety normally crops after approximately 65 days, and does not require pollenation to produce cobs. 

Planting Sweet Corn

Soil temperatures should be 60 degrees or above for optimal germination however if you are in a colder area you can use a soil cover to warm up the soil and plant the seed in holes cut through the plastic.

Sweet corn prefers nitrogen rich soil that is well drained. A 10-10-10 fertilizer will work well and should be worked in to the soil prior to planting. Sweet corn is shallow rooting so it needs to be watered regularly. Mulch can be applied to the garden to help retain moisture and reduce the amount of water that needs to be applied to the garden.

Sweet corn is pollinated by the wind rather than by birds or insects so it is important that the seeds are planted correctly. Sweet corn seeds in a home garden should be planted in blocks rather than in rows, this allows for better pollination as there will be more plants to pollinate each other than say planting two long rows of sweet corn.

Sweet corn seeds should be planted one inch deep, approx. six inches apart, in rows three feet apart (remember corn grows high and you want to be able to walk in between the plants!). Water your sweet corn seeds well when planted and continue to water well through germination.

Caring for Sweet Corn Plants

Once your sweet corn plants germinate, it is important to thin the plants out so that they are spaced every 8-10” apart. Be sure to thin out poor looking seedlings, keeping only the strongest. By thinning your sweet corn plants you will ensure better tasting corn as crowded plants produce fewer and smaller cobs. Keep your sweet corn plants watered well and ensure that the roots of the plants stay covered, adding soil or mulch as needed. During warm weather ensure that your plants are receiving enough water, this time is critical to the growing process.


Sweet corn takes about 90 days from seed to harvest. You will know it is time to harvest when the tassels begin to die. Harvesting your sweet corn at this optimal time will give you the best yields!


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