Sweetcorn Sweet Nugget F1 40 seeds
  • Sweetcorn Sweet Nugget F1 40 seeds

Sweetcorn Goldcrest F1 40 seeds


Goldcrest is an excellent early variety with strong emergence and vigour. Produces good quality, medium long cobs, with large kernels. A safe choice for the British climate. An SH2 type sweetcorn.  

Sow sweetcorn seeds indoors in early spring or outdoors in May until early June, 6-8 seeds per square metre, 2-3cm deep. Sow every fortnight to extend production. Sow the seeds in small pots, seedcells. Transplant the sweetcorn seedlings outside when about 20 cm tall and all risk of frost has passed in your area.

Plant out the seedlings in June to their final position, acclimatize the plants to the outdoor conditions beforhand. Sweetcorn plants need a rich, well drained soil. Keep watering in hot, dry spells, especially when flowering. Ready to pick in the beginning of September.

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