Tomato Gigantomo F1 5 seeds
  • Tomato Gigantomo F1 5 seeds

Tomato Gigantomo F1 5 seeds


Gigantomo is possibly the largest tomato out thereas the fruits can weight 1kg. The taste is very goodtoo, the meaty flesh is excellent for slicing. To grow the largest tomato possible it is advised to thin the fruits out and leave 4 - 6 on one plant.

Sow the Gigantomo tomato seeds about 1 cm deep into a seed tray or in small pots or cells, covered lightly, watered and placed at between 20 - 25 Celsius on a windowsill, heated greenhouse or heated propagator. Sow in February if you want to grow your tomato plants in a heated greenhouse or sow the seeds late April- early June when you grow tomatoes direct outside in your garden, allotment.

The seeds will germinate within 8-10 days in ideal conditions, but sprouting can take longer if you keep your sown seeds at a lower temperature. As soon as seedlings have 2 pairs of true leaves and easier to handle, prick them out. Transplant the seedlings into individual small pots, later on they might need to be repotted if they are growing too quickly and too large for their pots.

Make sure that the leaves do not overlap, as this would make the air humid, in which case the tomato plants can get diseases more easily. The temperatures during this stage should be 12-20 Celsius. Plant outside mid May-June 80x60 cm, or keep in the greenhouse.

Remove some of set fruits from the plants if you really want to grow the biggest tomatoes.

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