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Tomato Black Cherry 100 seeds

A colourful vegetable, and with so many seeds in one packet you can share them with your gardening friends an family. Grows well outside in the UK. And your summer harvest will be colourful and delicious too with this cherry tomato's somewhat sweet, rich and distinguished flavour. The strong...
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Tomato Alicante 100 seeds

Alicante is an early variety. The vigorous plants produce masses of delicious, greenback free tomatoes. Excellent variety for the UK climate, can be grown very successfully outside. A traditional variety. Sow the Alicante tomato seed about 1 cm deep into a tray or in small pots or cells,...
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Tomato San Marzano 50 seeds

San Marzano is considered by many to be the best variety to make sauce with in the world. The fruit is thinner and more pointed than that of the Roma tomato; and the low seed density in the fruits, meaty flesh and sweet flavour make this an ideal variety for making tomato sauce. Enjoy in salads...
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Tomato Golden Sunrise 25 seeds

Golden Sunrise is suitable to grow outised in the UK. Produces medium sized yellow fruits, which have excellent sweet taste with fleshy consistence. Royal Horticultural Society Award winner, so deserves a place in the vegetable garden. Golden Sunrise is an indeterminate/cordon variety and...
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Tomato Black Krim 25 seeds

Black Krim has excellent flavour. An easy to grow, medium sized beefsteak variety from the Black Sea, Russia. The colour of the skin darkens when tomatoes mature, but seeds are not purple. A well known variety in many English gardens and getting more popular every year, easy to grow outdoors and...
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Tomato Tigerella 50 seeds

Tigerella has red skin with orange stripes when ripe. A slightly unusual looking vegetable, easy to grow from seeds in the garden or allotment plot. Suitable for greenhouse and outdoor production. A heavy cropper and about 2 weeks earlier than moneymaker. Completely greenback free, tangy fruits....
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Tomato Sungold F1 5 seeds

Sungold has very high sugar content (one of the sweetest cherry tomatoes on the market). The golden orange/yellow fruit weighs about 14 grams, which is a medium sized cherry fruit. A very popular variety up and down the UK in gardens and allotments. Shows good resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus...
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Tomato Marmande 50 seeds

Marmande is a great producer. The fruits are large weighing up to 200 grams and there are about 5 on each truss. The meaty fruits are great for cooking and grilling on a summer barbecue. A well know beefsteak variety, it has been around for a long time because crops reliably even outdoors. Sow...
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Tomato Ace 100 seeds

Ace is a heirloom variety, producing beefsteak type fruits on strong growing determinate plants. The bushy plants are strong growing and suitable for outside growing. The fruits are medium sized beefsteak, average 160g, and there are between 10 -15 on each plant. This variety can be raised...
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Tomato Ailsa Craig 100 seeds

Ailsa Craig is a great traditional variety. Suitable for outdoor and greenhouse production. The medium sized green back fruits are early in the season. Sowing Ailsa Craig became a habit of many gardeners over the decades, as this is a somewhat old fashioned variety which gives a reliable crop...
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Tomato Black Russian 50 seeds

Black Russian Tomato is an excellent choice if you like a more flavoursome fruit. The unique blend of sugar and acid; and the distinctive, complex flavour makes this variety a must have in your garden. Cordon or indeterminate variety. The flavour is similar to that of the Black Krim tomato ....
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Tomato Amateur 50 seeds

Amateur is a heirloom, popular bush tomato. The fruits are medium sized, about 80g. A tried and tested British variety so do give this a try outdoors evem if you are new to gardening. No need for sideshoot removal, or staking as the plants naturally stop growing at a hight about 80 cm. As the...
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Tomato Cherrola F1 10 seeds

Cherrola is a hybrid cherry tomato. The plants produce large trusses, and give high yields. It has a moderate tolerance to blight. One truss can bear up to 30 sweet fruits. Can be grown outside or in the greenhouse. Cherrola is a  Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit winner....
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Tomato Craigella 50 seeds

A heirloom equivalent of Ailsa Craig. Craigella produces round, medium sized greenback free fruits. Suitable to grow outdoors and in the greenhouse. British selected for its fine flavour and productivity, excellent to grow outside. Sow about 1 cm deep into a tray or in small pots or cells,...
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Tomato Raspberry Oxheart 100 seeds

This is an heart shaped tomato. The colour of the skin and flesh is somewhat raspberry pink. The juicy fruits are excellent for fresh consumption (a great slicer tomato) and for making your favourite sauce too. Once you try this variety chances are that it will be on your to grow list year after...
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Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty 50 seeds

Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty grow very well outdoors in cooler summers. Sets fruit well in cold conditions. Produces masses of large cherry sized fruits which have good flavour. Do you want to pick the first tomatoes outside? Then this variety is for you. The seeds can be started off in the unheated...
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